UK Pouched Rat web sites

UKpouchies forum

A UK based forum for anyone interested in Pouched Rats.

Ukpouchies forum is a private forum for keepers and enthusiasts of Pouched Rats wanting to share experiences and make friends along the way. You need to register to see the posts.

The site also has a section for fancy rat keepers.

Exotic Keepers Forum

A UK based forum for exotic mammal keepers with an international membership.

This exotic mammal community has a whole section dedicate to the ownership and care of Pouched Rats.

There are many UK Pouched Rat owners active on this community including some UK breeders.

Broadwaters Pets and Exotics

The web site of a an exotic rodent enthusiast with a special interest in Pouched Rats.

This site contains information about the owner’s Gambian and Emins Pouched Rats. It also includes a Pouched Rat care guide and the African Pouched Rat Registry UK.

The site includes details of the owner’s many other exotics.


The home of 'Ziyal' Gambian Pouched Rats

UKpouchies was established in 2007 as a free information site about Pouched Rats. It includes information about the owner’s Pouched Rats, a fact sheet and care guide.

The site occasionally advertises baby Pouched Rats for sale.