Worlwide Pouched Rat web sites


Using Pouched Rats to detect landmines.

This is the site of a Belgian research organisation that has trained Pouched Rats to sniff out landmines. The site explains why Pouched Rats were chosen and how they are trained. It also includes pictures and films of the rats at work.


Hero Rat logo

The charitable site of APOPO’s landmine clearance work.

The HeroRATS site gives lots of details about the landmine clearance work and other lifesaving projects using Poucched Rats.

Through the site you can adopt a HeroRAT and be a part of eradicating the dangers posed by landmines.

Petite Paws Exotics

This Canadian site is run by one of the most experienced Pouched Rat breeders around. Sadly she no longer breeds them but the site has lots of valuable Pouched Rat information.

Altpet National Alternative Pet Association (US)

This US site includes some data sheets from Pouched Rat owners as well as some great pictures and a sound file of a Pouched Rat complaining.

RMCA Rat and Mouse Club of America

This US site includes a guide on keeping Pouched Rats as pets.