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African Pouched RatKali aged 6 weeks
Kali's vital statistics
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Species: African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)



31 October

Over the last couple of days Kali has started to become more outgoing again and she is much more like her old self. It is still difficult to get her out of her house for evening playtimes but once she is out she is fine. She is also bouncing up for her breakfast first thing in the morning.

I don’t know why her behaviour changed or why its started to change back again. I think she may have been ill with a stomach bug because her poos have not looked very healthy recently. They have been much lighter and softer than usual and show all signs of an upset stomach. She had also been pooing much less frequently. This morning’s crop looked very healthy! I’ve also removed the large beech tree branch that I put in her house a few weeks ago. She had started to become withdrawn after I introduced it so I took it out. Kali had been gnawing it quite a lot so there’s a chance it could have upset her.

To perk Kali up I’ve started to move her toys about and introduce new things for her to play with when she is out playing. Last night I put a barrier right across one end of the hall. She really wanted to get to the other side of it and she became very animated looking for a way through. It was so good to see her lively and active again.

20 October

Kali is still very withdrawn. She is still very slow to come out for her playtimes but once she is out she trots around happily enough. She’s taken to spending five or ten minutes sitting quietly in a corner and being stroked but most of the time she runs about picking up her treats. She still seems perfectly healthy - she is eating well and using her potty regularly!

Up until this morning she had been getting up for her breakfast as usual but this morning she didn’t come to take her monkey nuts from me. She bounced out of her bed as usual and jumped up into the doorway where I usually feed her the nuts but something frightened her and she jumped back into her house without taking them. I left her for a few minutes and tried her with them again but she wouldn’t come out of her bed.

I changed her routine slightly this weekend. Instead of cleaning her house out on Saturday night I cleaned it out on Sunday night. She doesn’t like having her house cleaned out and this change of routine may have affected her more than usual.

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