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African Pouched RatKali aged 6 weeks
Kali's vital statistics
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Species: African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)



26 August

We didn’t hear Kali on Sunday night but last night she was making as much noise as ever. She can’t gnaw the mesh next to her potty but she’s found another spot where she can make just as much noise. I resorted to leaving a light on in her room last night. This seems to quieten her down but I’m not sure its fair on kali as she is a nocternal animal.

The next thing I’m going to try is smaller mesh. The mesh size on her house at the moment is about an inch square. This is big enough for Kali to get her nose through so she can get a really good bite on the wire. I’m hoping to use a smaller mesh size so she can’t get her jaws round it in quite the same way.

24 August

I’d noticed that there’s a particular place where Kali likes to sit and gnaw her mesh. It is on her first level next to her potty and she can wedge herself against the potty and have a really good go at the mesh. I spent part of Saturday blanking this part of the mesh off with a piece of aluminium sheet. I hope that this means she can’t make as much noise.

22 August

The past month has been fairly uneventful until recently when Kali started getting very active at night time again. She wakes us up with the noise she makes and I can’t remember the last time we had an unbroken nights sleep. If she doesn’t quieten down soon I’m going to move her cage to a room where we can’t hear her.

I’ve got a large branch from a beech tree which I’m going to cut up and put in her house to make her environment even more interesting. I want to be able to secure it to the wire; partly so that she can’t pull it over onto herself but also because I don’t want her to be able to bash it about and make even more noise!

We’re hoping to go away again for a few days, and take Kali and our house rabbit with us again. We’ll be heading north and, hopefully, meeting up with another Pouched Rat owner who’s also on the Pouched Rats list. It will be really good to see how someone else is coping with these rats. I’ll be able to show off Kali too.

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