Pouched Rat facts


Five to seven years

Birth weight


Adult weight

2 kg males
1.5 kg females


23 weeks

Meet the rats

Meet Jaali


Jaali was a loving, friendly and trusting rat most of the time. He did go through an unpredictable stage but settled down again. He eventually developed tumours and had to be put to sleep.

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Meet Ambaa


Ambaa was a very shy and gentle female rat with a very sweet nature. She died of peritonitis following surgery to remove a blockage in her gut.

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Meet Babu


Babu, cage mate of Ambaa, damaged his back when he was six months old. He died six months later of complications.

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Meet Kali


Kali was a dominant and willful rat who never became fully tame. She was ill for much of her short life and died of a heart condition in March 2005.

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