Jaali’s lost his teeth

Posted on Friday 2nd April 2010 @ 11:01 am

Jaali has been the cause of some concern over the past few weeks because he has become a very fussy eater and it looked as if he was loosing weight. Finally an investigation of his mouth was required so during one of his play flight he was flipped onto his back and had his mouth prised open. He didn’t protest too much because he thought it was all part of the game. The problem was immediately obvious. His top incisors were missing – poor chap!

The vet saw Jaali the very next day and had a good look inside his mouth. The vet couldn’t offer any explanation as to why the teeth were gone. There was no sign of damage or disease and the rest of the mouth looked normal. Jaali may have just snapped them off. The lower incisors had grown too long and had to be trimmed back. It took three people to hold Jaali still and a pair of bone snipers to cut through the teeth.

Jaali was very pleased to get home and later that evening he was bouncing around like a teenager.

The hope is that with the lower teeth trimmed the top ones will grow back. There should be signs of re growth within two weeks.

Posted by Pouched Rats on Friday 2nd April 2010 @ 11:01 am
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