R.I.P. Jaali

Posted on Saturday 23rd October 2010 @ 05:17 pm

Jaali had been off colour this week. He was still coming out at playtime and eating OK, or as OK as a rat with no teeth can eat, but the spring had gone from his step and he was very happy to sit still and be cuddled until he fell asleep. This was very sweet but so unlike him that he had to be checked over.

Jaali was due to go to the vets for his regular tooth trimming so the vet gave him a full examination. The results were quite worrying. Jaali’s breathing was very fast, even accounting for the stress of a trip to the vets, his temperature was low and, most worrying of all, the vet thought his kidneys were enlarged.

The next day Jaali was admitted for x-rays and blood tests. The x-rays revealed several masses is his abdomen and neck. The vet concluded that these were very aggressive tumours that were spreading through the lymphatic system. They were inoperable and would only get worse so Jaali wasn’t woken up from the anaesthetic.

Jaali’s sudden departure has left a hole almost as large as his personality, a painful sadness but many happy memories of a remarkable little life which we first met when Jaali was just four weeks old.

Jaali at four weeks old

Goodnight my love

The tired old moon is decending

Goodnight my love

My moment with you now is ending

It was so heavenly, holding you, close to me

It will be heavenly to hold you again in a dream


Posted by Pouched Rats on Saturday 23rd October 2010 @ 05:17 pm
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