Jaali moves his nest

Posted on Friday 9th October 2009 @ 09:44 am

Jaali and Ambaa live in a large cage divided into two separate living areas by wire mesh. There had been very little sign that they will become friends and be able to be share the whole cage but Jaali has recently moved his nest so it is right alongside Ambaa’s. Ambaa is not too pleased at this new arrangement.

After being clean out and given new bedding both rats spend an hour or more sorting out their houses and making new nests. They are very fastidious about how they build their nest and will keep moving bits of bedding untill they are happy with the result. Usually they build their nests in exactly the same place each time but after their last clean out Jaali relocated his so it was right next to Ambaa’s with just the wire mesh between them.

Ambaa became very vocal as he was doing this and shouted and squeaked at him through the wire but he ignored her. Eventually they both settled down and their nests have been side-by-side since. Ambaa still protests everytime he gets up or moves about but she hasn’t moved her nest away.

Perhaps they will get on together eventually.

Posted by Pouched Rats on Friday 9th October 2009 @ 09:44 am
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