Rats on holiday

Posted on Wednesday 24th June 2009 @ 01:01 pm

Ambaa and Jaali’s Scottish holiday went off without a hitch.

They endured the grueling eight hour trip to one of the far flung glens on the west coast. They stayed quietly in their carry boxes the whole way and didn’t cause any trouble. Jaali had managed to undo one of the clips that fastens the roof of his carry box on the way there but he didn’t try to escape.

They both became alert at every stop – no doubt hoping that the trip was over. the rest of the time they tried to sleep.

They spent the week in their new shared house rather than being in two separate houses. It was the first time they had been in it and they seemed to take to it very well. More importantly neither escaped from it.

They could see each other through the dividing wire and the change in Jaali has been marked. As the week went on Jaali has been loosing his fear of Ambaa. He spent an increasing amount of nose to nose with Ambaa up against the wire. He obviously felt quite safe. Unfortunately Ambaa was less keen on this arrangement and would shout at him every time he came up to her. They didn’t try and have a go at each other through the wire but the balance of power between them changed during the week.

Posted by Pouched Rats on Wednesday 24th June 2009 @ 01:01 pm
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