Feeding a toothless rat

Posted on Sunday 4th April 2010 @ 06:24 pm

When Jaali had his tooth loss confirmed at the vets he was also weighed. He had lost about 450g in weight which, for a 2kg rat was quite a lot. He’d obviously been having trouble eating properly so preparing his food has to be done with more care at the moment.

Having his bottom incisors trimmed so that he can chew properly has helped a lot but without the top incisors he can’t gnaw at all. All his seeds are now given pre-shelled and, thankfully, its possible to buy things like sunflower seed kernels because shelling then individually would just take too long. Even these have to be chopped up in a food processor so they are small enough for Jaali to take.

He’s having his sweet potato grated and his broccoli and other greens, and most of his fruit, chopped up very small.

The dry food, which he usually had at breakfast, is now being made into a porridge so it is a bit softer for him. It also contains some milk to help build him up a bit.

All this extra preparation seems to be working. It is too early to tell if he’s putting on weight but this throughput has increased!

Posted by Pouched Rats on Sunday 4th April 2010 @ 06:24 pm
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